Rhinestoning With CorelDRAW

Do you want to make Rhinestone templates without spending lots of money to do so? Do you own CorelDraw and a cutter? Has someone told you to spend thousands of dollars to be able to make Rhinestone templates? In this training  we will share with you the secrets to making rhinestone templates that you can send out to a cutter without spending any more money than the cost of supplies. Learn everything from simple designs to very elaborate design techniques.  Learn to make rhinestone designs with Corel Draw 

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Manual Rhinestone Setting Tool Set


This rhinestone/rhinestud setting hand tool is incredibly easy to use and brings back the joy of setting fashion accessories! The GlitzUp combines two processes in one. No more setting rhinestones by hand or with tweezers separately to the fabric and then gluing it afterward with an applicator. Simply place your finger over the applicator hole to activate the vacuum suction.

The applicator picks up the rhinestone or rhinestud on its shiny surface with the glue side exposed to fabric. The stone/stud sits in the applicator as long as your finger is covering the air supply hole. Place the applicator on the fabric and release your finger. Leave the applicator on the stone for a few seconds to adhere glue.

Includes - Glitz Up vacuum applicator, tool holder, 3 applicator tips (1mm, 2mm, 3mm) and 12 packages of hot fix rhinestones.

Check out the video below.  You can get this cool tool at Colman and Company Embroidery Supplies


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